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How Do I Go About Renting Something Form Your Inventory?

Once you've found your favorite items from our inventory, be sure fill out our contact form with your date and location. This form is found on our CONTACT tab at the top of our site. We will get back to you with details on our availability and any addition information requested.

Once I Submit The Contact Form Does It Guaranteed To Secure My Date And Rentals Requested?

It does not guarantee that your date and rentals requested will be available. All items on our inventory are first come first serve. Therefore, once you submit your request, we will then check if the items you've requested are available for your date. If they are, we will send you details and an invoice to follow to the email provided. In order to secure your date and rentals a 50% non refundable deposit is due within 24 hours of receiving you invoice. If we do not get an answer from you within 24 hours, we will move on to the next customer in line. 

Can I Pick Up Rentals And Skip On Delivery Fees?

Yes, we have a select amount of rentals available for pick up, not all though. We will disclose this information to you with full details when we get back to you regarding your rental request. Picnic tables are not available for pick up.

I Don't Need Everything On A Picnic Package. Can I Make Changes to Create My Own Package?

All packages are created to bring the essentials to your gathering and make your experience memorable. Although there are limitations when removing items from a package, we can absolutely work with you to create the perfect package that fits your needs.

Do You Offer Food Services For Your Picnic Packages?

We do not offer food services. We work closely with local vendors. We would love to provide details and add this to your package if interested at an additional cost.

What Are Your Delivery Fees?

We currently offer free delivery, set up, and pick up for up to 20 miles from 92585. Anything outside of the 20 mile mark is subject to travel fees. (Varies by milage)

I Have A Custom Order Request. Where Can I Place An Order For This?

Starting January 2021 I will be limiting all custom orders to what I sell on Etsy only. If you have a question regarding this feel free to contact me via email at

I Found A Sign Online And Want To Support Your Business, Can You Recreate It?

I will not accept any work found via Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or other sites if requested to duplicate a design. All artist work extremely hard to find their style and create their art. Not only would this be morally wrong, it is also copywriting. In order for us to create something we request the freedom of originality. 

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