Meet Lyanne Diaz


I discovered my artistic skills in my late twenties. As a child, I enjoyed drawing my teddy bears and landscapes. As I grew up, I found joy writing letters to my closest friends and making them as colorful and personalized as possible. For many years I focused on other things that brought joy to my life and truly believed these skills had faded.


In 2018, I attended a company picnic for my husband's job and was met with an overwhelming feeling of needing to create a wooden American flag. Prior to this, I had never came close to even touching a drill gun. Let alone a table saw. I did my research and by the end of the week I had created my very first flag. 


In 2019, I married my wonderful and supportive husband, Marc. I made all the signage for our wedding. As my decorator was setting up, a woman touring the venue approached her to ask if my wedding signs were available to rent. My wedding day was where Lyanne's Touch was truly born. Soon after this day, we turned our spare garage into my wood shop and have been practicing my woodworking skills and more since then. 

I am now a 29-year-old Latina trying to make something out of nothing. If you told me as a young girl, as I drew my teddy bears and landscapes, that I’d own my own woodworking business someday I'd think that was impossible. Hard work, love, and passion can get you places you've never imagined. I am a prime example of this. I can't help but feel so thankful and blessed to wake up every day and call this my job. I guess it's true when they say that you don't work a day in your life when you do what you love. 

There is a long road ahead, lots of practice to continue to apply to my art, and many wonderful creations I hope to continue to bring your way.


Lyanne's Touch wouldn't be where it is without YOU!